Get a room!! LOL

Seriously though, good to see everyone in great shape!

Go Rockets!

I’ll miss this, so much……… 😭


2013-14 Regular Season Rockets vs Cavs

  • Lin Highlights

No look to Dwight


Jeremy’s patent got-hit-in-the-head layup

Cutting to the middle while DH was posting up… Parsons impersonation?

Missed all the open 3s and you made this?!

2013-14 Regular Season Rockets vs Cavs

  • Lin’s steal leading to the fast break

Lin steals the ball from Irving after him & Bev’s timely switch at the baseline and fighting through 2 (moving) picks

The steal that lead to this uncontested layup

2013-14 Regular Season Rockets vs Cavs

  • Bev’s off the backboard alley oops to James

Perfect finish to an entertaining game (looked like TJones was ready to jump too.. lol)


Bouncy Jeremy


2013-14 Regular Season Rockets vs Cavs

  • Lin’s 10th assist that gave him the triple double

The whole arena was chanting “LIN LIN LIN” before he got the ball… it was awsome!

The fact that all his teammates trying to get him the assists by shooting the ball as soon as they got it from him was really heartwarming too~

** didn’t know Asik was at the game until I did the last gif.. LOL

image image image

2013-14 Regular Season Rockets vs Cavs

  • Parsons with the alley oooppps

According to Bullard, after that missed dunk, Dwight gave Chandler a hug during timeout and said ” it’s okay, everybody does it..” wakakkakaa

2013-14 Regular Season Rockets @ Mavs Part II

  • Game Highlights

Jones Alley to Dwight

TJ’s one handed rebound and put back

Nice inbound play with .9 on the clock

3 on 3 fast break

DMo showing some post move

DMo got an elbow from Carter battling for rebound, no cool, Vince

Coach McHale getting angry at the calls (and getting a T for that)

Crowder helping ABZ up.. so cute~

A little bromance between Bev and DMo (the 3-point-shooter-fouling-brothers?.. sorry, have to say it, was sooo angry at the time)


2013-14 Regular Season Rockets @ Mavs Part I

  • Jeremy Lin Highlights

The Mavs commentators gave a lot of props to Jeremy (of cuz they love Parsons more but who doesn’t), which was kinda nice

Assist for Jones Slam

Alley to Dwight

O-board and throw it to Dwight

Fake pass to Parsons and layup (Dirk: Opps..)

Follow Blair to the basket (Blair was like “what just happened”.. LOL)

Jim Carey was not happy

Wonder what James said to Jeremy that made him smile like that

Late game layup making it a 12 points game (I thought the game’s over at that time…………..)

Jeremy was super happy (bet he thought the game’s over too…..)